War Hero Adrian Marks Video Gets Clinton County Premier At Frankfort Rotary

Adrian Marks was born in Ladoga Indiana but spent most of his life as an attorney in Frankfort Indiana.   Books and movies have been created depicting the heroic rescue of over 300 sailors who survived the 1945 sinking of the USS Indianapolis as it traveled from Guam to the Philippines.

The navy cruiser carried 1200 sailors. About 400 died soon after 2 of 6 Japanese torpedoes found way to the hull.  For three days and nights lost at sea,  all but about 300 perished by dehydration, sharks and wounds from the disaster.

Carol Price, Larry Price, Erick Dircks, Anna Emory, Mike Nichols and Russ Kaspar and others created a four minute video to commemorate Adrian Marks selfless heroic acts while celebrating the naming of the new impressive hanger/office/operations building at the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport as the “Adrian Marks Terminal”

The following video was first seen at the world-wide virtual celebration of the 75th anniversary of the disaster and the heroic efforts that saved so many lives in those 3 days of horror.

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  1. Great video! Adrian was truly a unique and talented man. I had the pleasure of working for him and he was a wonderful mentor, always patient, never raising his voice.

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