Center Township Collaboration With Fire Department Recognizes Students at Green Meadows

The Frankfort Fire Department and Center Township have created a new program recognizing student achievement in Frankfort schools. Each Quarter, they will be working their way around to each elementary school in the Community School of Frankfort.

With this program they will reach each elementary student in Frankfort. Each student is given food and given extended time to interact with Center Township and the fire department. The interaction could be recess activities, like basketball, kickball, or playing on the playground. This quarter they selected 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade at Green Meadows.

Center Township purchased all of the food and recognized each student for their achievement. The Frankfort Fire Department cooked hot dogs and served them to each individual student. Fire Chief John Kirby stated, “I think all three days went really well! The Firefighters enjoyed interacting with the kids.”

Another goal in the creation of the program is to have students’ recognized by those that they see as role models. Center Township Trustee, Kevin Evans, Stated, “Students in our schools see first responders as individuals to look up to. If you ask a child what they want to be when they are older, many times they will say a police officer or firefighter. We wanted to incorporate our fire department in the recognition of these individuals.”

Center Township has a goal of eliminating poverty for its’ citizens. They believe that through focusing on education and youth that they can end the cycle of poverty for their citizens. Center Township would like to thank the City of Frankfort Fire Department for their work on this project. Center Township would also like to recognize Green Meadows in helping create the program to recognize students for their accomplishments.