Center Township Seeks to Stop Poverty Cycle

Kevin Evans, Center township trustee, grew up in a poverty-stricken environment.  He has successfully stopped the poverty cycle in his own life and is seeking to help others do the same.

Evans spoke at the Frankfort Rotary Club Thursday October 5th and updated the gathering on Center Township activities.

Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans speaks at Frankfort Rotary Club. Photo by Russ Kaspar

Kevin Evans received the Indiana Township Trustee of the year award for the State of Indiana.  A township trustee is responsible for issues and problems relating to Cemetery Maintenance, Fire Protection, Workforce Development and addressing financial, educational and sustainence needs of children in the township.

Clinton County is 3rd in the State of Indiana in numbers of people who go to hospital and do not die as a result of Drug and Opioid use.  Evans has partnered with other communtiy leaders to address this problem.  277 citizens attended a recently held event designed to address this growing Opioid problem in Clinton County.

Kevin Evans has developed measures at the Trustee office that provide relief to Center Township residents but also requires those who recieve financial relief to be accountable for the progress needed to address reasons taxpayer help was needed in the first place.

Evans has released Center Township funds to provide clothing and school supplies for area children and has also worked with community leaders to fight illiteracy and help with job skill developement by requiring persons receiving financial relief to sharpen job skills so they are better able to provide for thier families.

Evans is making plans with Kaspar Media to hold a Job Fair in the near future.