City Announces Road Paving Projects

Below are the projects that have been awarded for paving this year in Frankfort. The first nine I will send you will be for the projects we acquired through the Community Crossings Matching Grant, the last two will be two projects that we awarded last night through a Supplemental Project. Both contracts were awarded to E&B paving and top out at about $950,000 in paving.


  1. East Washington Street (North Jackson Street to South Fudge Street)
  2. East Wabash Street (South Clay Street to South Williams Street)
  3. Ann Street (South Clay Street to Dead End)
  4. Van Buren Street (East Ohio Street to State Road 28)
  5. East Street (Washington Avenue to State Road 28)
  6. Rossville Avenue (West Morrison Street to Railroad Tracks)
  7. Oneil Street (Washington Avenue to Dead End)
  8. Morrison Street (Myrtle Avenue to Rossville Avenue)
  9. Hemlock Drive (South Clay Street to Alhambra Avenue)

Supplemental Paving

  1. Taylor Street (West Walnut to West Washington Street)
  2. Bill Goodwin Drive (East Green Street to Kyger Street) Near the TPA Park.

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