Clinton County Council Approves 2018 Budget

The Clinton County Council approved their 2018 budget on Tuesday. County Council President Alan Dunn said this was a good budget that was aided by two big changes.

“There were two things that really made this year a smooth year,” said Dunn. “One was the increase that we recently did in the Public Safety Income Tax that gave us some additional tax dollars that really eased the burden on the sheriff and jail budgets which are the biggest portions of our budget by a large amount. Also, the recent signing of the new health insurance agreement with IU Health plans that had a significant reduction in our health care costs compared to last year was a big help.”

Dunn said the overall budget was a little over $22 million. However, Dunn said ‘County General’, which they consider to be the main part of the budget, was at $10,700,000.

Dunn said the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) now has to have the budget back to them by December which gives the Council some extra time if they have to make cuts to the budget they submitted.