Delphi Public Library Invites Community Children & Families To Prophetstown State Park Today, June 13

Community members have been invited to explore the Prophetstown State Park with an interpretive naturalist through an activity with the Delphi Public Library.

Community members are invited to visit with an interpretive naturalist at the Prophetstown State Park today, Thursday, June 13 from 5 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. where they will learn more about Prophetstown, the summer events that will be hosted and answers to burning questions.

Attendees will be treated to a scavenger hunt throughout the park with an opportunity to win prizes for their efforts, and visitors and families of all ages are invited to experience the activities.

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Prophetstown State Park is Indiana’s newest state park, located where the Tippecanoe River meets the Wabash River near the town of Battle Ground in the northeast area of Lafayette.

“The park’s landscape has been shaped by ice from glaciers, moving water, fire and human hands that helped maintain the vast tall prairie grass,” the department released. “Native American people hunted and lived along the two rivers for thousands of years.”

The department stated that a partnership has been established between the state and The Farm at Prophetstown that has established an environment where visitors can discover 1920s farm lifestyles and Native American culture while strolling through 900 acres of restored prairie.

“We are restoring native habitats such as wetlands, wet slopes called fens, prairie and open woodlands,” the department released.

The park also features an aquatic center that hosts a 30-foot tube slide, body flume, lazy river float area, adventure channel, zero-entry pool with play features and an aquatic activity area with basketball. The center also hosts a bathhouse with showers, changing areas, restrooms and lockers, and a concession area is available for visitors.

Community members are invited to experience the restored park and see the amenities through the Delphi Public Library today, Thursday, June 13 from 5 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.

For more information, contact the Delphi Public Library at [email protected].