Emmis Sells 1070 Tower Site, Signal to Go Dark

Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications Corp. has sold a portion of land in Whitestown that houses the radio towers for its 1070 AM signal. The company says it plans to broadcast the WFNI sports radio station solely on its two FM signals beginning August 2 while it works to find what it says is the best solution for the AM signal.

Emmis says it had the tower site rezoned for mixed-use commercial, office, and residential developments more than a year ago. The entire site covers 70 acres on Perry Worth Road near I-65 in Whitestown and additional parcels are currently listed for sale.
“As long-time owners of 1070, we are working diligently on finding the next great use for the signal,” Jeff Smulyan, founder and chairman of the board of Emmis, said in a news release. “We were offered a wonderful opportunity to monetize the property and felt it was our obligation to explore that. Ultimately, it made the most sense.”
The 1070 signal was the home for longtime Indy radio station WIBC, also owned by Emmis, from 1941 until December 2007, when the station switched to FM. WFNI, also known as “The Fan,” began broadcasting on 1070 at that time.


  1. Just GREAT! I live in Clinton County and listen to the morning show and JMV daily but cannot receive the FM signal. Since Emmis does not care about it’s listeners I will listen to other programming.

  2. I live in clinton co.,listen pacers,cant get on tv,listen to dan dahickge and jmv.107.5 terre hautte comes in,static and 95.somthing.same.no more jmv or colts,pacers,players evaluwate,or sports in general.get anther fm radio station to cover 1070am, somthing stupid

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