Top 80 Clinton County News Stories of 2022

What are the top 80 news stories for Clinton County in 2022?  We want you to decide which stories below are the “Top 10” Clinton County stories for 2022.

Kaspar Media presents this ‘Year in Review’ with our top 80 news story list and a video by Erick Dircks and Patty Keaton Parks.  We look back on this pivotal year in Clinton County History.

Wampler Services, Inc. sponsors this year’s “Clinton County 2022 Year in Review”

To prepare this report, Clinton County Daily News and WILO Radio analyzed which news stories had the most “traffic” or “views”.  This data helped us put together this 2022 report.  No doubt we missed some key events.

No doubt you may have stories to add to this list.  We would love to hear about other key events we missed in the comment section below.

Enjoy this list of “Top 80 Stories in 2022 for Clinton County”.

We will discuss on Party Line what YOU think the Top 10 on this list should be.  Party line is hosted by Kaspar Media Director of Operations Kevin Keith and can be heard every weekday morning at 8:30 on WILO 96.9, 102.7 and 1570.  Russ Kaspar would like to thank Liz DeRosa for helping brainstorm this list.

TOP 80 Stories in No Particular Order. You Decide what are the top 10 stories and let us know on Party Line.

Most stories are linked to the Clinton County Daily News Article if you want more information.